Humans Are So Funny!

I have to tell you about something strange that happened last night.  I have no idea where Shakespeare was but I wish he had been with me so he could have helped me figure out what Mom was doing.  First of all, she got home really late and we were confused.  I looked at that thing on the wall with all the numbers and the small hand was on 8 and the big hand was on 4.  Now I know that she’s usually supposed to get home when both hands are sort of on the six so I figured something was really wrong.  I was getting tired of waiting for her.  It would have been better if I could have sat in my chair outside and waited.

Anyway, we both tried to tell her how concerned we were, but she just gave us some treats and figured that would make up for being late.  She told us she had been to choir and we both know that means she’s back to singing again with all those people at church so I guess it’s ok.  However, she still needs to let us know when she’s going to be late!

After she finished working on some things, she got ready for bed.  Shakespeare was already napping in the other room so I went in with Mom and she started petting me and talking to me.  I finally settled down towards the end of the bed and just sat there looking at her.  That’s when it happened!  She started talking and talking and talking!  She was telling me all about this book she was reading about a blind kitty.  She told me the kitty’s name and how the kitty had to overcome obstacles. She told me about the kitty’s human who adopted him and how lucky they both were.  She told me how much she loved me and my big green eyes.  I just kept staring at her and she kept talking.

Fur people readers out there………do your humans ever do that to you?  Don’t they know that we don’t understand all those big human words?

I figured Mom just wanted to talk so I pretended like I was listening real hard.  It was actually kind of fun.  She started laughing and said something about how normal it seemed to be telling a cat a bedtime story and how scary that thought was.

I think we both had a special time together last night.

11 thoughts on “Humans Are So Funny!

  1. Hi Hemmingway and Shakespeare! It’s nice to meet you!! Yeah, our humans talk to us all the time…blah blah blah…we just ignore them most the time unless we hear the words eat, treat or bug!

    1. Really nice to meet you! We understand treat, outside and bedtime. Mom thinks we don’t understand “No” but we do. We just choose to ignore it. Isn’t it fun to find fur people all over the world? We need to stick together.

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