We love all the pretty colors!

Are all those leaves going to be gone?

Not all of them.  Those fuzzy looking trees are called evergreens and Mom told me they have needles instead of leaves and they keep the needles during the winter.

Good.  I would hate to have the world be all black and white in winter.

Just look at all the pretty colors.

This tree reminds me of me because it’s such a pretty orange.

Here we are watching the leaves falling.

Mr Tree, if you keep dropping leaves Mom’s going to get mad.  Please don’t give her more work to do.  I promise I won’t try to climb you and hurt you with my claws.

I don’t think that’s going to help, Hemingway.  Just look at all the leaves already on the ground.  Then look at all the leaves still up in the trees.  I think Mom’s going to be busy forever.  We better hide or she’ll put us to work, too.