Tripping on the Road

Mom said she’s going on a road trip tomorrow.  What is that?

Well, let’s see if we can figure it out.  You know what a road is.

No I don’t.

Well, you know that flat thing out in front of the house where humans sometimes walk and ride their bikes?  It’s also where they drive those car things when they have to go places.

Is that where fur people sometimes walk, too?

Yes, but they should be with their humans when they do that.

Well, Mom said I can’t go out there on that road.

I can’t either because it’s a dangerous place.  But we can look at it from the front window.

Ok.  So now we know what a road is.  What about a trip?

Well, Mom claims that I keep trying to trip here when she’s walking ‘cuz I keep getting tangled up with her feet and legs.

You mean Mom’s going to go out on that road thing in front of the house and fall down?

That can’t be right.  She wouldn’t be excited about that.

It’s got to be something else.  Think!

Wait…..when Mom took me to the doctor’s house she told me we were going to take a little trip.

She told me that, too!  Does that mean she’s going to the doctor’s house?  If that’s the case, which one of us is she taking?

That’s still not right.  Mom said she’s going on the road trip with her really good friend.  In fact, it’s Aunty Linda and she’s the one who helped Mom pick us out at the Humane Society.

Mom’s getting another kitty??????

No.  She would have told us that.  Maybe she and Aunty Linda are going in that car thing down the road and that’s why they call it a road trip.

Mom…………you aren’t going to be gone long are you?  Remember….we have to have our treats!