Telling Time

What are  you humans doing?

You have us really confused!

Mom’s noisy thing on her dresser went off this morning and we weren’t done sleeping yet.

We always have to wake her up in the morning ‘cuz it’s time for our breakfast but this morning she was awake before us.

We saw her changing all the clocks last night but we figured she was just trying to play a joke on us.

Why did you humans change the clocks?  Now it’s light when we get up and it’s dark when it’s time for supper.

Don’t you care that it’s confusing to our systems?  Mom tried to explain this daylight savings stuff to us but we got tired of listening. Did we miss out on an extra hour of play time or were we supposed to sleep an extra hour?

I think I have an idea.  When all the leaves fall off, the trees are embarrassed so they want darkness to come earlier at night when the humans are home from work so the humans don’t have to look at naked trees.

I get it.  Then when the leaves start coming out again in the spring the trees are so proud that they want extra daylight in the evenings when the humans are home to enjoy the pretty leaves.

Hey…………did we lose an hour of eating in there?????