It’s Happening Again!!!

Hemingway…….look at our blog.

What’s wrong?

We have “stuff” falling on us again.

Don’t worry, that’s just snow.

Don’t worry????  Is the snow going to fill up the inside of the house now too?

No.  It’s just snowing on our blog.  It’s some special effects we get every year for Christmas.

But I don’t like walking on that snow stuff and I surely don’t like it falling on me! Make it stop.
Quit being such a baby.  I keep telling you it's only snowing on our blog and not in the house.
Quit being such a baby. I keep telling you it’s only snowing on our blog and not in the house

Well, I still think if you leave our blog up too long the inside of our house will look like this:

Copy of P1030152In the first place, that’s the outside.  But if you’re that worried, I’ll quit writing on the blog for now.  Happy?

Yes I am.  I’m going to go see if there are some treats in the kitchen.  I’m sure I can eat now that I’m not worried about a big bunch of snow in the house.

Humans:  Do you see how twisted an orange tabby’s brain can be?  If the snow was falling in our house because of our blog, it would melt ‘cuz it’s much warmer inside than it is outside.  I need a nap!


15 thoughts on “It’s Happening Again!!!

  1. Snorts. That’s definitely purr thing thinking. Myself – I just curl up in front of the fireplace. Snow can’t get there – snorts. XOXO – Bacon

  2. Snow won’t hurt you. ….um…. Unless it touches your tummy. That happened to me last winter and I was freaked out. Mom had to carry me.

    Love and licks,

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