A Big World of Thanks!!

From the Mom:  I can’t begin to put into words what all the words of encouragement, sympathy and the prayers mean to me.  I am so overwhelmed with the overflowing of love from the fur people lovers around the world on the blogosphere.  Hemingway and I are trying to get over the shock.  I think he is still wondering what happened to Shakespeare.  I didn’t let him see the body ‘cuz he didn’t need to see that.  It was hard enough for me to see it and to carry it home.

However, I do have some good news.  This morning I went to the Animal Humane Society and got a new little buddy.

Meet Steinbeck, Hemingway’s new writing partner.

It’s going to hard to fill those big paws of Shakespeare’s, but I’ll try!
Boundless energy so it’s hard to get his picture!
That’s my carrot that I’m lying on!

I apologize for the poor quality of the pictures but we just got home a little bit ago and I wanted to post something to make people smile.  I will be changing the design but Hemingway and Steinbeck will keep blogging.  I know little Steinbeck is very anxious to meet all the wonderful humans and fur people who loved Shakespeare so much.

Again, my heart is just full and overflowing from all the love I received during this time.  It may be a bit before I let the boys blog ‘cuz I haven’t been sleeping and I’m just running on fumes now.  However, be patient ‘cuz I want you all to get to know this little “fireball”.