Remember when………

Remember when I was complaining about having too much cold and no snow?


I said all that cold was being wasted. Well…………

snow kitty

Look what happened to poor Outdoor Kitty!!!  He’s amazed.  We haven’t really had snow this winter……….until now.


To make things worse, Mom said we’re losing all of our degrees and going way into the hole.  Tonight the actual temperature may get down to -27 F.  That’s almost beyond the bottom of degrees in my mind.  Poor Steinbeck has never seen cold like this.

Good thing Mom got more wood so we can just stay inside and be warm.


If anyone has extra degrees, please send them our way!  We would all really appreciate it.

15 thoughts on “Remember when………

  1. Guys there are a whole lot of us who will be looking for some extra degrees! YOU will be looking HARDER than us though – not as cold here and not as much snow. LOTS of firewood though because Dad got a whole cord last Fall!

    Stay cozy………..Hugs, Teddy

  2. Outdoor kitty looks really cold! We have a few extra degrees here and will send them to you right away. Try to stay warm until then.

  3. Wow, I can’t even imagine cold like that! The coldest weather my human has been in is -4 while she was driving through Colorado, and that was plenty cold for her!

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