Crystals and Crowns and Commotion


Don’t try to adjust your computers.  There’s nothing wrong with them.  It’s just Mom showing us what she’s been through lately.

Remember how we told you a while back that Mom fell out of bed a couple times and it wasn’t because we pushed her!

I know I didn’t push her, I can’t guarantee Steinbeck didn’t, but he’s usually down at the foot of the bed so he’s out of the way.

Well, Mom was falling other times and she was getting concerned and so were we. 

First of all, she was embarrassed that someone might see her sprawled on the ground laughing.  Yes, she did laugh some of the times she fell ‘cuz she thought it was so stupid.

One night she fell and cracked her head against the wall.  She had a big goose egg on her head and I have no idea how that goose got into our house.

Steinbeck, there was no goose in the house.

Well, who  laid the egg?

Ignore him.  Mom talked with her doctor and they decided she should go to the Dizzy Clinic.

Hemingway said he’s going to send me there.   He says I tend to be a “Dizzy Dude”.

When Mom went to the clinic, she found out the crystals in her right ear were out of place and that was throwing her way off balance.

I found a cool picture of crystals.  Is this what Mom has in her ears?

crystalsMom says she’s pretty sure she has Swarovski crystals in her ear, but I’m betting the doctors would tell her differently.  We’ll just let her go ahead and think that way.  After all, she does have a Dizzy Dame crown!!!

Anyway, Mom wants everyone to know that she went through all sorts of tests and things and they did the Epely Maneuver to get her “crystals” back where they belong.  She went through some physical therapy and has some exercises to do at home, but she’s doing great.  She’s very thankful that they have such good clinics around here and she enjoyed learning so much from the doctors and therapists.

And she hasn’t fallen out of bed again!!!!

18 thoughts on “Crystals and Crowns and Commotion

  1. Maybe she can make a necklace with those crystals. I am glad she is feeling better and it wasn’t something more serious.

  2. So glad your Mom is no longer having the dizzies. It’s dangerous and scary and even though crystals make nice earrings and other jewelry they can wreak havoc in human ears!! Glad hers are FIXED!

    Hugs, Teddy

  3. Hi kitties, hugs to your mom. Great she is stable now. My mom had the same, she didn´t fell, but the whole bedroom was whirling like a carouselle when she opened her eyes. A doctor fixed her by turning her, like a a seal, on the table and the crystal went there where it shoud be. I think it is a miracle. Tell your mom my mom needed only one turning session ever.
    a cat in faraway Finland.

    1. Kosmo, isn’t it amazing how humans are put together? Mom had that turning thing done to her but they had to do it three times, all in one session. Now she knows what to do if those crystals start wandering again.
      Hugs to you……….Hemingway and Steinbeck

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