Mom Put Me in Jail~~~


Yep.  Here I am in jail.  Actually, I’m trapped between the two doors.   I don’t know why Mom did that.  I’m giving her the evil eye ‘cuz instead of letting me out, she’s got that flashy box thing out.  Stop it, Mom!!!



Mom……that’s enough.  Hemingway is laughing at me.  Don’t you dare put these pictures on our blog.  I forbid it!!!

Note from the Mom:  I must admit that I laughed when I came back by the door again.  I had just gotten home from choir practice and of course the boys were right at the door to greet me.  I thought I got both of them out of the way, but after putting some stuff away, when I came back into the room, there was Steinbeck, between the doors.  Rather than let him out right away, I confess that I did go get the “flashy box”.  It was too priceless.  Here are some pictures of their outdoor fun this week.


Hemingway, why are you staring at the dirt?

Because I can.


Hemingway, why don’t you get up and practice your stalking like me?

Because I don’t want to.


Hemingway, look at how pretty my tail looks in the grass.


And Mom calls me Crabby Pants????


26 thoughts on “Mom Put Me in Jail~~~

  1. I accidentallhy did that once with poor Andy. He was trapped there for hours, and tried extricagte himself by pretty much stroying the screen in the outside door. I felt terrible, but probably not so much as Andy did! Andy sends his regards to poor Steinbeck. He knows how Steinbeck felt!

      1. Wow! That woulod be pretty traumatic! I understand how Mom felt. (When I accidentally closed Andy between the two doors, I later tried to imagine how it happened and I couldn’t have noticed it.)

      2. Mom said she had no idea it had happened. Part of the problem is that instead of meowing, I tend to just squeak and often nobody hears me. 🙂
        Squeaky purrs…………Steinbeck

  2. uhoh……in the old “door trap” huh? Well it happens with those sliders but then again we do like “tight places” like small boxes so why not the door trap????!! You two look like you had a nice time outside in the grass – my favorite thing to do too.

    Hugs, Teddy

  3. Steinbeck, your tail IS beautiful ! We are so glad the Mama found you so quickly, so that – even with the flashy box – you weren’t stuck there very long. Purrs !

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