Mondays Are Not Easy!!

Dr Hemingway

Let me tell you about MY Monday.  Once you hear my sad tale, you’ll never complain about your Mondays again.

Hemingway, why are you wearing that silly hat?

I’m pretending to be a doctor.  Actually, I think I look pretty cute.  Blue is a good color on me.  Anyway, Monday morning Mom tried to grab me but I went downstairs and hid.  After a pretty long time, I came out of hiding and sat at the bottom of the stairs.  Mom’s brother saw me and he came downstairs and picked me up.  I’m still not sure why I didn’t run away from him.  He gave me to Mom and next thing I knew I was in her car.  I sang the song of my people all the way over to the doctor’s house.  When we got inside, I sat down on one of the chairs and refused to talk to Mom.  She talked to one of the assistants and I heard things about teeth and being knocked out and all sorts of scary stuff.  Would you believe Mom left me there????  I let the assistant pick me up and carry me back to another room.  I was afraid I would never see Mom again.

I was worried while you were gone.  I don’t like being home all alone.

Mom said that while I was “sleeping” they had to extract one of my toofies.  It was sick and the doctor lady said it would be really painful if they didn’t take care of it.  Believe me, in the process of “taking care of it”  it was painful enough so I’m glad they took it out.  My smile is still cute so there’s no problems.  I have to retain my handsomeness!!!

When it was dark out, Mom came to get me.  She had to pay out lots of money to get me out of there but she said I was worth it.  When I first saw her, I was so excited.  I got in her arms and never wanted to leave.  So, we headed outside.  Now here’s where things get a little confusing.  Mom put me in the car and I cleverly managed to sneak out and went under the car and hid.  It was dark and Mom couldn’t see me.  It was also super cold and Mom didn’t have her gloves on.  She went in and got one of the “desk ladies” to come out and help.  She brought a big net (They had to use that on me once before so I was familiar with it.).  She tried looking under the car and didn’t see me so Mom got really worried……..and really cold.  They brought out a flashlight and managed to convince me to come out.  Mom put me in the car again and…….you guessed it…..I tried to get out again.  You see, it was logical for me to want to get out ‘cuz I was afraid that Mom was going to take me to another doctor’s house or something.  I just didn’t understand ‘cuz I was on kitty drugs for the pain.  Anyway, I finally settled on the floor…….right by the brake and gas pedal.  Mom kept trying to get me to move but I wouldn’t budge.  She said she was very glad that she only had a short distance to go and that she was able to get both of us home safely.  And that’s why I don’t like Mondays anymore.

From the Mom:  When I finally got home last night, I was exhausted.  I was going to help the boys with their blog but I just couldn’t do it.  I had to warm up (it really was biting cold), eat supper and relax.  Hemingway is doing fine.  He takes his pain meds in the morning like a trooper.  He won’t leave me alone and seems to love cuddling even more.  By the way, I absolutely love the picture they took of him.  It just made me smile.  I’m thinking I may have to print that one and frame it.  Good old Hemingway spent Veterans’ Day at the vet’s.

28 thoughts on “Mondays Are Not Easy!!

  1. Ohhhh – thank goodness Hemmy allowed you and your helper to catch him again so you all got home safely. Being in the dark and cold looking for your kitty is a very sinking feeling for your Mom take our word for it !

    1. Mom claims it was just another night with the two of us. MOL!!! I guess I wanted Mom to remember how much I hated it in case the doctor lady gets an idea to have me do it again in the future!
      Exhausted purrs………..Hemingway

  2. That photo is fabulous Hemingway… look very professional – just like a doctor indeed. I know that whole experience was NOT the way you’d WISH to spend your Veterans Day but that toofie would have hurt worse if you’d kept it. Maybe the tooth fairy will visit you. I bet you’re happy to be home!

    Hugs, Teddy

  3. My vet requires all cats to be in carriers. My old cat Jake got out of his carrier in the car once and almost gave me a heart attack. Prior to the carriers I used a harness and leash just in case. So glad you were able to get him to come out. That would have been a really bad night for everyone!

    1. They let Hemingway come in without a carrier or leash ‘cuz he’s so mellow. He doesn’t even get interested in other cats, dogs or people. He’s Mr. Mellow. However, I think he was just scared that he wasn’t really going home.

  4. dood….sorree ya had two go two de bad place frum de get go…tho we gotta add mit; goin under de car waz knot….reel…..lee…..a….good…..eye…..dea….
    ya noe….glad yur home now N safe, heers ta a speedee ree cover ree 🙂 ♥♥

  5. Wow Hemingway that was quite an adventure. We never leave the vet office without being zipped up tight in a PTU. Out mom would be in a full out panic if one of us escaped. We are so happy you came out of surgery just fine but especially that you came out from under the car. Your photo is absolutely adorable. We love how your ears are visible through the surgical cap. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer

    1. Thanks. I’m still sticking really close to Mom. I think I heard her say something about going back to the doctor’s house to make sure everything is healing. Mom hasn’t written it on the calendar so I don’t know when I’m supposed to go into hiding. MOL!!!

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