Mom always gets excited when it’s Friiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Of course if she wasn’t working, she probably wouldn’t have a clue what day it was.

Sometimes she does get confused, though. I’ve heard her complaining when it’s only Tuesday and she was sure it was Thursday.

That’s just how humans are. We just have a couple of pictures to show you today. Steinbeck’s up first.

Oh boy!!!! This is one of my “glamour” shots that Mom took of me. I like all the shading she got. I also like the little freckle on my bottom lip. The other picture is one of me outside. I told Mom that pretty soon she’s not going to be able to see me ‘cuz I sorta match the deck. Good thing the angels have left powdered sugar out there!

OK…my turn now. Mom said she’s going to change my name. See, she seems to have this little problem. She claims that wherever she wants to walk, I’m there! Seriously, can I help it if she always wants to go where I’m going? I think she loves me way too much. MOL!!! Anyway, her new name for me is “Inaway”. Isn’t that silly???? Almost as silly as her wild slipper socks!

Which way are we going?
I thought you said you were going to go right and I was supposed to go left!

18 thoughts on “Friiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidayyyyyyyyyyyy!

  1. Steinbeck, that first picture truly is a glamour one of you. And in the second one you look like a gorgeous male lion.
    Hemingway, you and Xena would get along. She does the same thing, but she has learned to not stop in front of me and to trot fast!

  2. For some reason my human was totally thrown off by this week. She said every day felt like the weekend! She works for herself (and me), which means she is always working, so the days don’t really make much difference anyway.

  3. Yes that’s a glamour shot if ever there was one! “Inaway” is something all of us just might be guilty of especially if we spend a lot of time following Mom around hoping for a treat!! HAHA

    Hugs, Teddy

  4. That looks like A LOT of powdered sugar right there, fren. Don’t let it touch your belly. I have firm rules about that at my house. Also, I think innaway is the best place to be.

    Love and licks,

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