About Us

My name is Pam and Hemingway and Shakespeare are the two fur people in my life.


Hemingway at nine weeks old.

Hemingway was born on December 24, 2009 and my good friend, Linda, and I picked up from the Animal Humane Society in Golden Valley, MN on February 25, 2010.  He is a Tuxedo cat with the typical black and white markings.  He has incredible fur that is very shiny and soft.  As of April 2011 he weighed 17.7 pounds so he is a BIG kitty.  I call him my “Gentle Giant” because he has this incredible ability to show such a soft, caring side.  He has a very quiet purr that only I get to hear.  He was very happy with his new home and then suddenly on June 25, 2010 I surprised him with a little brother.

Shakespeare entered my life on June 25, 2010 which happened

Shakespeare about three months old.

to be a stormy summer night.  Once again Linda was with me as we headed out to the Humane Society in Woodbury, MN.  I had requested a long-haired orange tabby and they said they had one for me to see.  Storms were rolling in like crazy and as we were driving over there, both of us thought we were crazy.  When we got to the building we dashed inside but we were still dripping as we walked up to the counter.  They brought a little bundle of orange fur in for me to play with.  He was very active and very inquisitive……..and very cute!!!  So, Shakespeare came home with me that night.  He was born on March 22, 2010 and is extremely proud of his super long, super fluffy tail.  When the vet first met him, she looked at him and said, “Are  you going to grow into that tail?”  He is smaller than Hemingway, but he can put another animal or human in their place, if he wants to.  He has a very loud purr and he lets go with it quite frequently.  He loves to be petted, but hates to be held.  He is my independent little guy!!

These two have lots of opinions and lots to say so I decided to let them have their own forum.  I hope you enjoy getting to know them as they talk about their world.

26 thoughts on “About Us

    1. Barney, how very nice to meet you! Our Mom says we both act more like dogs than cats so we know you’ll be a good friend. We already have best buddy dogs who live by us. Thanks for finding our blog. We’ve been kind of lazy lately but Mom says we need to get busy so watch for our “tails”. 🙂

  1. I simply love both “writers”… 🙂 Mélanie, catlover – à la vie, à la mort…
    * * *
    my very best and friendly greetings from Toulouse, France… cheers! 🙂

  2. I found your blog via the Reader recommendations. We have a cat called Artemis who lives on our boat in Greece, but at the moment she is on holiday in the UK. I look forward to following your adventures.

  3. Hi there, my dear friends. Thank you for keep visiting and following HoB. Much appreciated! Mr. Bowie says “Meow!”

  4. I share a March 22 birthday with Shakespeare, but I would have followed this blog for two better reasons: a tuxedo kitty boy and a ginger tabby kitty boy, two of my favorite kinds of cats!

    My smoke Persian kitty brothers (Andy and Dougy) tell me to tell Hemingway and Shakespeare “meow”! I’m sure they will understand the message!

  5. Unfortunately, I believe Shakespeare must be the kitty that passed under tragic circumstances that the reader of my blog referred to in a comment about a post I just did as a memorial for another cat. I’m sorry for the mistake.

    The loss of one’s fur buddies never is easy and, as my friend commenting on the passing of Spider, one of the cats featured in The Mad Cat Lady’s (Barbarella Buckner’s) blog, noted, we inevitably come to think of other people’s fur buddies as personal fur buddies of our own when we’ve followed their antics in posts. Their passing affects us just as much as the passing of one of our own.

    1. Yes, Shakespeare was my ginger boy that I lost just a little over a year ago. Steinbeck is my new ginger boy and he’s a little over one now. I know that Shakespeare picked him out for me. There are so many Shakespeare characteristics I see in him,,,,,,,,,,and yet, he’s his own individual, unique self. Very nice to meet you and thanks for following our blog.
      Stereo purrs……..Hemingway and Steinbeck
      Hugs…………the Mom (Pam)

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