Our World Got Turned Upside Down!!!

We’ve been gone a long time.

We’ve got lots of ‘splainin to do.

First of all, it’s not our fault.

Yep, we get to blame Mom again and this time it really is her fault.

Remember when we told you Mom was looking for a job?  She tried to convince us to get jobs but we told her we can’t use the phone and we can’t drive the car to jobs so she kind of eased up on us.

However, we wanted her to get a job so she can keep buying us food, treats and toys!  Did I mention treats??

Well, Mom now has a job.  We’re all doing the Happy Dance.

Not exactly.  Now Mom is gone all the time and that means our play time outside has been severely cut back.  Just when the sun starts shining again and the temps get warmer, Mom goes and gets a job!  Why wasn’t she working in the winter?

Quit complaining.  She lets us out when she can.  However, she has another problem.  She went to see the human doctor man Friday night after work.

I’m glad she didn’t go see our doctor!

She came home with all sorts of meds and told us….

Wait, let me tell!  She has bratwurtitist and red hot lungs.

Goof……..she has bronchitis and inflamed lungs.  She told us she didn’t realize how sick she was.  We heard her coughing and it sounded much worse than when we hack up a fur ball.  We knew she was sick.  Silly humans.

So, she’s on lots of meds now and she had to stay put this weekend.  We got to play outside so we were happy.

Here’s some of our adventures from this morning.

I don't think Mom is going to need all this wood now but I'll guard it from the squirrels.
I don’t think Mom is going to need all this wood now but I’ll guard it from the squirrels.
Here we are both outside checking the frontier.
Here we are both outside checking the frontier.
Mr. Outside Cat, if I don't come and talk to you, it's not 'cuz I'm mad at you.  It's just that Mom is working now so I don't get outside as much.
Mr. Outside Cat, if I don’t come and talk to you, it’s not ‘cuz I’m mad at you. It’s just that Mom is working now so I don’t get outside as much.
This is what I do during the day.  I'm not in jail.  I'm in the window checking to make sure the yard is safe.
This is what I do during the day. I’m not in jail. I’m in the window checking to make sure the yard is safe.

Thanks for being patient while we tried to get Mom to turn on the ‘puter for us again.  We hope to do a better job staying in touch, but we know Mom has to get better.

Have a wonderful week, everyone!!!

The Mom Answers

To all of Hemingway and Shakespeare’s readers:

This is “The Mom” and I want to let you all know that Hemingway and Shakespeare got to play outside today even though the sun didn’t shine like it was supposed to. I still might take a nap, but the boys got to play so they’re happy.

By reading what they’ve been blogging about lately, you might get the idea they are neglected, underfed, bored and ignored.  Believe me, they are none of those things!  They are very typical two-year-old kitties who think the world was created for them.  Please don’t believe all their complaints.  They are both the lights of my life and anyone who is fortunate enough to have fur people in their lives, knows exactly what I mean.

Thanks to all the human and fur people readers who are following the antics of my boys.  It’s so wonderful to find other fur-people lovers all over the world.

Today’s Thoughts

I know what today is.


It’s SUNday!  Look outside….the sun is shining.

As usual, I’m a little confused about what humans have done to their language.


Well, what would happen if the sun wasn’t shining today?  Would they call it CLOUDday instead?  What happens if we have sunshine on the other days of the week?  For instance, if we have sun on Monday would they have to change the name?  If we have rain on Thursday would they call it Rainday instead?

I don’t know.  I never thought about that.

On top of that, take a look at the names of the days of the week.  What’s a Mon?  What’s a Thurs?  Do humans have to fry their foods on FRIday?  The human language just doesn’t make sense!  Our cat language is much easier to understand.

You’re right.  I just thought it was neat that the sun is shining on SUNday.

I guess you’ve got the right idea.  We should be happy for the little things.  Let’s go find Mom and tell her we should all go outside and play.

I bet I can get to Mom first.

The race is on!

Super Bowl and Football

What’s football?

I don’t know.  Why?

Mom says there’s a big football game this weekend and it’s called the Super Bowl.

Ok….let’s figure this out together.  First of all, you know that we both like games so it already sounds like a winner in my opinion.  What else have you heard about the Super Bowl?

I know it’s about football…..whatever that is.

Wait, that’s easy!  You know what a foot is.  You also know what a ball is.

Oh yeah!!!  Mom puts that little jingle ball in the bathtub for us and it’s so much fun to kick it around.  We can really make that thing fly!  So, we use our feet and it’s a ball.  Is that football then?

I think so.  What else have you heard?

I’ve heard on TV that people have Super Bowl parties and they have lots of food.

Well I know you understand that perfectly because it involves food.  So, maybe everyone gets really, really big bowls and they put lots of food in those bowls…..

….and then they get in bathtubs and kick little jingle balls around?  I can’t wait until Sunday to see all this.

Humans are strange.


We love Sundays!

For one thing, Mom is usually home most of the day.

She goes to church early in the morning and sings choir…

I’m not sure if a “choir” is something she wears, something she carries, or something she puts in her mouth.

Shakespeare, quit thinking about food!  I told you before that a choir is a group of humans  in the church who sing songs.  Before you ask, fur people don’t get to sing in choirs….at least not in church.  Maybe we could start our own choir in the neighborhood.  I’m pretty sure Champ and Axle, the neighbor dogs, would join us and maybe some of the fur people out in “blogland” would join us.  But back to Sundays…

Is that what we were talking about?  My mind wandered when you mentioned food.

We love Sundays because they are usually quiet days.  We really like it when the sun shines ‘cuz then we can take “sun baths”. 

I know what that is and I love it!

Mom usually does some cooking in the afternoon and the house smells good.

Food…….yes, we LOVE that!!!!

Sometimes Mom reads and then I can take a nap on her lap.  She really likes it when I curl up on top of her and start purring.

I’m too independent to climb up on her lap, but sometimes I wish I could just go ahead and do it.

Why don’t you?  Mom would really be surprised and she’d be so happy.

I’m going to have to think about that.  Shall we go find some sunshine and take a nap now?

Sounds good to me.  Maybe that’s what the humans are doing today, too.  Let’s go see if Mom’s taking a nap.