Weekend’s Over….

Mom goofed again

It’s the weekend and she’s supposed to spend all her time with us.

She didn’t.


We watched her get into her car and head out the driveway……..without us!

We are NOT showing our happy faces!


I decided to catch up on my naps while she was gone.


I watched the door so she couldn’t slip in without me knowing!

So what did she do?  She said she went to a class to learn something new.

Did she learn how to make catnip pie?  NO!!!  She came back with this!


She said she learned how to make sandcast leaves and this is the small one she made.


She put the big one that she made on top of the stump so it can be a bird bath.


She really had to be creative to get a picture of it this way ‘cuz Mom’s not that tall and the stump is!

Why would she want to put another bath for birds in our yard?  Do the birds really like to take baths with all of us watching?

Anyway, she said she had fun at the class and now she has to paint those leaves and put a sealer on them.

We’re not that impressed.  She didn’t even use catnip leaves for her project!!!

Oh well………the weekend is pretty much done now.  Goodnight, all!


White……Everywhere White!

Copy of P1030150Mom……the birds are not going to like it if they have to stand in the snow.  Can you go out and knock the snow off those tree limbs?

Copy of P1030152Mom………that’s way too much white out there.  Good thing that “dog litter box”  is sticking up out of the snow.

Copy of P1030151It’s just white everywhere.

Copy of P1030153Mom……..I’m just not happy about this turn of events.  I want to go outside and play but I don’t like that white stuff.

Copy of P1030146I’m going to help Mom with the laundry.

Copy of P1030147Mom says I’m so cute when I “help”.

I guess we’ll have to find sun puddles and take naps today since we won’t be going outside.  Hemingway, you can help with laundry but I’m going to look cute and see if Mom will give us extra treats since we can’t go out and play.

Mom’s Idea of Fun

Mom was all excited about her adventure today and we just don’t get it.

For one thing, because she went on an adventure we couldn’t go outside in the morning like we wanted.

We consider it cruel and unusual punishment ‘cuz weekends are made for us.  it’s the time Mom doesn’t have to go to that work place and she’s supposed to devote her time to us.

Today one of her friends from choir picked her up and took her away.  We decided her friend was OK ‘cuz she has a fur person, Nels, and Mom has talked about Nels to us before.  Any human who has a fur person to love is A-OK in our books.

Where do we keep our books?

Shakespeare, sometimes you just don’t understand.  Actually, all of the time you don’t understand.

But I have a cute tail so it doesn’t matter.  Let’s tell the readers where Mom went today.  She went to a candy factory.

I thought “we” were going to tell the readers.

Hehehehehe.  I fooled you.

Here are some pictures she took of the humans making candy.  She said they got a tour of the place and got to sample the candy.  We’re not really interested in candy.  Mom tells us we can’t have it.  We think she shouldn’t have it then either but somehow the rules don’t go both ways between human moms and their adorable fur people.

Making English Toffee candy
Making English Toffee candy
Scraping out peanut brittle onto the marble slab
Scraping out peanut brittle onto the marble slab
Look at all that caramel!
Look at all that caramel!
Cool....a chocolate waterfall
Cool….a chocolate waterfall
Mom was fascinated with all the falling chocolate
Mom was fascinated with all the falling chocolate
Mom said she would love to play in chocolate like this.
Mom said she would love to play in chocolate like this.

That was Mom’s day and she said it was great.  At least when she finally got home we got to meet Nels’ Mom and we got to go outside.

Mom…….we think you should check around and see if they have a catnip factory around here.  Now that’s something we would totally enjoy and we could take you along to drive the car since we can’t reach the pedals.

Boys, go ahead and see if there are any catnip factories around and I’ll see if they’ll let you take a tour.   Thank you for finally agreeing it was OK for me to leave today even though it’s Saturday.  If the readers are interested in the place I toured, it’s Regina’s Candies (reginascandies.com) in St. Paul.  It’s a third generation family run business and once a year they have free tours of their place.  It was definitely my kind of day!  Special thanks to Donna (Nels’ Mom) for inviting me.

Lazy Day

Mom says it’s a lazy day today.  The sun decided to hide so it’s pretty gray outside.  We went out and helped Mom pick up the seed pods from the trees but at least she didn’t have to do as much raking as she has been doing.

We didn’t want to be outside very long ‘cuz it wasn’t real warm.  When we came back inside, this is what we found.

Uncle Bob had a nice fire going in the stove and it was toasty warm.  We wondered why we had even bothered to go outside in the first place.  As you can tell, I LOVE being by the warm fire.  It’s the perfect place for napping.

I have to stay alert in case anyone goes into the kitchen where the food lives!

No matter what you’re doing today, we hope you’re having a great day and we hope that just like  Mom, you don’t have to go to work.  Stay home and be lazy like us!

Even I finally had to give in and go to sleep.  That fire is just too nice and warm.  If anyone goes into the kitchen, please let me know!

Friday the 13th

I have a question.

You usually do.

Quiet.  This is serious.  Besides, Mom told you to be nice.

What is it now?

Why are some humans and fur people afraid of Friday the 13th?

I’m not sure.  It has something to do with the number 13 and if it falls on a Friday it means bad luck.

That makes no sense!  Fridays are right before Saturdays and Saturdays are part of the weekend so all humans and fur people should be excited.

I agree with you.

So, let’s change how the humans think about Friday the 13th.


Let’s tell them to think of 13 things they really like to do, see, read or eat and they can do them all on Friday the 13th.

That’s a wonderful idea.

Let’s start on our list to give them an idea.  First of all there’s treats.

Yes, I knew that was going to be mentioned.  How about naps?

Rolling in the grass.

Having Mom brush us.

Unwrapping a new toy.

Listening to the birds sing.


Talking to an old friend.

Getting tummy rubs.

Chewing on fresh catnip.

Trying some new food.

Going for a ride.

Writing a blog.

We did it!  We came up with 13 things.  Now it’s time for our fur people and human readers to do the same.  We just have to make Friday the 13th fun for everyone!

About that first item on our list…………..where’s Mom?


We need some help from our human and fur people readers.

We’ve been thinking about lots of things lately and now we want to take action.  Hemingway, you know more words than I do so please explain.

The weather finally got better and we don’t have temperatures in the 100’s so Shakespeare and I really enjoy being outside again.  Even Mom was outside doing some work in the yard and then later she was reading.

I noticed that you didn’t tell our readers that as soon as Mom put the blanket on the ground so she could lie down and read, you sprawled out right in the middle of it so she had very little room.

Why do you always change the subject?  You wanted me to explain what we’ve been thinking about.

Sorry.  I see something naughty and I have to mention it.  I think I’m supposed to be a reporter when I grow up.

Enough!!!  Yesterday we got to stay outside all day long.  It was fabulous.  We chased bugs.  We played with Champ the dog who lives next door.  We watched the birds.  We rolled in the grass and dirt.

Oh how we loved it all!  Here’s a picture of us just relaxing outside and not fighting.

Mom always tells us to play nice but sometimes we forget and we race around and knock things down.

This shows that we can be together and be nice.

Mom told us that because it’s the weekend, she doesn’t have to go to work and that’s why we got to be outside for so many hours.  She warned us this morning that tomorrow is the start of her work week and we won’t be able to be outside during the day so we better really enjoy it today.

We hate work weeks!

So, we want to get a law passed to make weekends five days long and work weeks only two days long.  I know Mom would be in favor of it ‘cuz she likes to be outside with us.

We just don’t know what the first step is to get this law passed.

We mentioned it to Mom and she just kind of laughed at us but told us we could give it a try so that’s what we’re going to do.

Who do we need to contact to get this law passed?

Do any of you, our very special readers, have any ideas?  Maybe a “Fur People Parade” to start things off……..

Maybe we could talk to the companies that make our treats and they could put messages on the treat bags.

How on earth do you always turn everything around to food????  I just don’t get it!!!!

Never mind………….Let’s just give our readers a chance to think and get back to us.  For now we better go out and lie under the trees and enjoy the sounds of summer.

Everybody outside………it’s still the weekend!


Weekends are wearing us out!

They sure are.  Now that we’ve had some weekends with nice weather, we’ve been outside “helping” Mom and she doesn’t know when to come in!

She’s been busy digging in the dirt and planting things and pulling other things out.  We check the new plants because if she plants catnip in the back yard, we want to know about it.

So far she’s only let it grow in the front yard, but I found some mint so we may have to resort to chewing on that.

I was helping Mom pull weeds.

That’s not the way she tells it.

Well, I was in a playful mood so if she was moving the plants around while pulling the weeds, then I had to grab her hand or the plants.  She kept going from garden to garden but I would follow her.

I was busy checking on the bird baths.  I wanted to make sure they had water in them.

Mom told you to leave the bird baths alone.

But look……..this picture proves I wasn’t being naughty. I was just guarding the bird bath to make sure nobody tipped it over.

Human and fur people readers, do not be fooled by this picture.  Just moments before, Shakespeare was standing on his tippy toes, peering into the bird bath.  And here’s another picture where he was contemplating tipping over the watering can.

You don’t have to tell them everything!  Remember, Mom reads this too.

Next weekend we’re going to get a chance to rest ‘cuz Mom is taking a road trip and she’s not bringing us along.  We’ll try to convince Uncle Bob to let us out, but he’s not as good about that as Mom is.

I think it’s more a case of him not listening to our whining!

Anyway, we’re both tired so we’re going to go take a nap now.  All that fresh air this weekend made us sleepy kitties.  We hope all of our readers had a wonderful weekend.

Happy Memorial Day

Boy are we ever tired!

We sure are.  Who would have thought that Mom having three days off would wear us out so much.

I think we mostly got tired just watching her work in the yard.

She did this but it’s out in the front yard and we can’t go out there.  We told Mom to take a picture so we could share with our friends.

I was busy surveying some of the stuff she did in the back yard.  I think I look so pretty among these plants!

I was kind of wondering who this other kitty is.  I think I’m much more handsome than he is.  He just sits there and doesn’t say anything.  I sure hope he doesn’t eat any of our treats!

I have my favorite corner in the yard and here I am “hiding” in it.  Of course Mom and Shakespeare both know I love this spot so they always know where to find me.  Maybe I should look for a new secret spot.

I was just taking a nap and suddenly this plant caught my attention.  I had to ask Mom if it smelled.  She told me it was a wild rose and I should be careful.  But she also said I might be smelling some of the orange and chocolate mint that’s planted nearby.

So that was our long weekend with Mom.  We got to spend lots and lots of time outside and we’re pretty tired now.  I told Mom we would get this blog done as quickly as we could, but I’m having a little trouble…………

Shhhhh……….don’t tell Hemingway but I found a quiet corner and I’m sound asleep.  However, I wanted to make sure that we said a special thanks to all the service men and women who have risked their lives for our freedom. 

Don’t forget the service dogs.

Right…….I wonder if there are any service kitties?  We shouldn’t forget them.

Thanks to all who have given us the right to be ourselves and live free….even if we can only be in the back yard.


I’m so sad.

Why?  Did Mom run out of food for us?

No.  She would never allow that to happen.  I’m sad because I don’t think we’re going to get to go outside today.

Probably not.  I’m thinking Mom will say it’s too wet for us to be out there.

Well, I don’t like getting my feet wet anyway.

Neither do I!

Why is it raining so much?

I wonder if all the humans have turned on those sprinkler things that make their flowers and vegetables wet so they’ll grow.

Maybe all the birds are sad and they all started crying at once and the tears are falling down from the trees.

Or maybe the trees are sweating ‘cuz summer’s coming.

Do you think maybe all the dogs are outside splashing in their wading pools, sending all this rain up into the air so it’s falling on us?

I sure hope the rain stops soon so we can go outside.  Mom told me that she gets an extra day off from work this weekend so she’ll be home for three whole days!  I know she’s going to want to be outside and that means we can be outside, too.

Oh, it’s going to be a fun weekend!  Go away rain!

Or at least just rain at night so the plants don’t get thirsty.  I don’t like being thirsty so I know the plants don’t like it either.

Yes, I guess the plants do need water but I don’t need water falling on me.  I just want to lick it up out of my bowl.

Since the flowers and trees and other plants grow when they get rain and sunshine, does that mean we’ll grow if we go out in the rain and then out in the sunshine?

Maybe that’s why Mom is making us stay inside.  We’re already big enough!

It’s Just Our Opinion………

I don’t like it when Mom sells garages!

Shakespeare, I’ve explained to you before.  Mom wasn’t selling garages, she was selling things at a garage sale.

I don’t care if she was selling things, garages, or even dogs.  I don’t like it!

Why are you so mad?

Did you notice how nice it was Saturday?  It was a gorgeous day and where were we?  WE WERE INSIDE!

Oh, that’s what’s bugging you.  Well, I didn’t like the fact that we had to stay inside but you know Mom doesn’t let us go outside if she isn’t home.

Well, she should only be gone during the week.  On weekends she’s supposed to stay here and let us play outside.

That’s a good point!

She can sell garages during the week.

Well, even though I don’t think she had a choice, I think I’m beginning to see your point.  We need to unite the rest of the fur people and tell the humans what we want.


Shakespeare, the humans aren’t going to understand you.  You have to tell them that they can’t be selling things at Garage Sales on the weekend.

Fine!  What Hemingway said!!

Human readers, it’s for your own good that you listen to the fur people.  We love your company and when you’re busy on weekends we don’t get to play and then we get cranky.

Trust us………you don’t want cranky fur people around.