Steinbeck’s Caturday Art

Mom said I could do the Caturday Art today.  This picture is from the other day when we were all outside playing.  I’m doing my spring dance step.

Steinbeck's Spring Dance Step

Mom played around with it and got this.  She used LunaPic and first she embossed it and then she added some tattoo art effects.


Hello to everyone at the Caturday Art Blog Hop.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Sunday Selfie

Humans sure have some crazy ideas!!  Mom thought it would be cute for me to wear her hat from work for the selfie today.  Believe it or not, that’s me under the hat!


Of course someone else had to get into the act, too!!!


Mom had to take it away from him before he put his “beaver impression” tooth marks all over it!

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Oil and Water……..Cats and Paper

P1040928What’s Mom doing now?  Why isn’t she still wrapping things?

P1040930Hemingway, get that foot away from me!

P1040933Hemingway………here come my devil eyes!!!

P1040939I’m going to arrange this paper just the way I want it!

P1040940That was hard work!  I need a nap!!!

P1040934At last!!  The papers are all mine!!!!  I win!!!!!

From the Mom:  I found it was much easier to wrap gifts if the boys were sleeping!  I had to leave those two big sheets of paper and the paper roll out for them to attack!  They love all those things!!!